Zach's Club Is
Permanently Closed

If you were a Zach's member, be sure to head over to The Amarillo Town Club to get signed up. If you have any questions in regard to your membership email us at, head over to either of the Amarillo Town Club locations or call them at 806-468-0398.

                                           EFFECTIVE APRIL 30,2022

Bobby and I love this facility and all our loyal members. Our goal was to always provide the very best to our members from customer service, to cleanliness, and great quality equipment. Due to the lasting aftereffects of Covid along with internal and external economic factors, we can no longer keep this business operating.

We thank you for your business, friendship over the years, and your understanding during these hard times moving forward in this process. Sincerely, Bobby and Tammy


Zach's Club has come to an agreement with the Amarillo Town Club, and they have graciously accepted to merge our members to their facilities. They will honor all current month to month membership rates that are being paid to Zach's Club Amarillo. All Paid in full memberships will be honored until the end of their current term at no additional charge.

NEXT STEPS: Zach's Club members will need to complete an ATC membership form at either A) an ATC location, or B) on-site at Zach's Club. Upon completion of this process Zach's Club members will gain full access to both ATC locations, including their two outdoor aquatic parks.



Welcome to Zach's Club, Amarillo

At Zach's Club, we take pride in the relationships that we develop with our members. Here, YOU become family. We understand that making a health-based lifestyle change can be difficult, but we openly take on that challenge with you for 2021. Our goal is to help you become and stay healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally in a beautiful, clean, and sanitized environment.


 The staff at our locally family owned facility welcome you with one simple challenge: JUST TRYCome in or sign up here for one week absolutely free.